Inglewood Trash Out Services

Inglewood Trash Out Services

Inglewood Trash Out Services

Let’s take out your trash!

We will remove all of the unwanted trash from your property in no time.

Fully furnished home

If the house is fully furnished, no problem our team can help remove the items out of the house. We make sure to properly remove the bulky items out of the property with no hesitation. If the house is full of bulky items such as couches, beds, or pianos our team can help remove. There are no jobs too big nor too small for Inglewood Property Preservation team. We make sure to always remove whichever items that are unwanted. If it is debris that needs to be removed our team can help. We are able to remove the following debris:

concrete, asphalt, dirt, rocks, wood, carpet, bricks and many more.

Our team is trained to properly pick up the items, load them up in the trucks and properly discard them at the right dumpsite. We follow all guidelines when it comes to keeping the environment safe from any nuisance. We understand that the city of Inglewood does not allow any debris laying out in the front of the house, and it can be considered as a nuisance to the city. The city of Inglewood can possibly find your property for having any debris in front of the home.

Construction Debris

We are available to remove debris from the second floor if needed. We are aware that debris can come from any part of the building or property. We make sure that we are fully equipped with the right gear and tools when it comes to removing debris from two-story homes. We don’t take any chances of any of our men getting injured on the job. We have the right training to remove all of your construction debris.

Plain Trash Left Over

Trash removal can be trash left over from previous tenants. We understand that foreclosed homes are by far the most neglected homes in Inglewood. At times tenants leave the home fully trashed knowing they will lose the home to the bank. Don’t worry, we have cleaned out so many homes in the past where the tenants have made a complete mess of the house. We understand the need of clean up in Inglewood, that is why we are here to help.

Whether it is construction debris, furniture, or just plain trash our team is able to help out! Call us for your free Inglewood Trash Out Service estimate today!

Call (213) 804-7437

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REO Trash Out Carson – Los Angeles Property Preservation

REO Trash out Carson – Los Angeles Property Preservation Los Angeles Property Preservation

Are you a broker in need to clean up a foreclosed property?

Is the property full of unwanted junk and furniture?

Located in Carson or Greater Area of Los Angeles?Los Angeles Property Preservation

We are a team of junk removal experts that can get your REO property cleaned up and ready for sale. No need to have a house out of the market due to some trash. Clean out the property to list it today. We understand it can get a bit tough to clean if you were to do it on your own. There is no need to stress about this mess anymore and allow our team to do the clean-up for you. Cleaning up the entire place should be an easy task for our team of junk removal experts. We are able to take off all of the wires that are still hanging on the walls, thoroughly clean the home, and dispose of any unwanted trash.

Los Angeles Property Preservation

We are also able to do the boarding and fencing for you. Our team has all the proper tools to assemble a fence or board up your windows. We have encountered many homes that have gotten broken in to because of the security. There is no need for squatters to vandalize the property anymore, so allow us to make the change. We will make sure the property is left locked up and ready for sale. Our team is properly trained to remove any unwanted. trespassers that are in the home.

Los Angeles Property Preservation

For more information for our team to clean up, board up, and fence up your foreclosed home today please Call (213) 804-7437.

The Biggest Eviction in California

The biggest eviction in California completed one of the biggest eviction in California history in 2012. The eviction was covered by KTLA.

The occupant of a bank owned property in Van Nuys CA had not make payments for 4 years. The bank pursued a foreclosure and processed to evict the occupant. At the time, there were 5 families living in the property, for a total of 18 people and 5 dogs.

The occupants installed makeshift fences made out of pallets. The makeshift fences were over 10 feet high. The occupants put signs saying that his rights were violated.

The occupant, who was good with social media, used Facebook and YouTube to gather supports. The occupants had threatened the governor, the district attorney, LAPD, Sheriff. He threatened that he would reach out to his supporters on social media to have thousands of protesters at his property. At times, the occupant had up to 100 protesters at the property.


This biggest eviction in California took the efforts from the city attorney, LAPD, Sheriffs, the asset company, attorneys from 2 law firms and Los Angeles County Property Preservation.

We were to:

  • Remove the 10 feet makeshift fence made from pallets surrounding the property.
  • Move all items, personal properties, furniture and clothing to a storage facility.
  • Install a 10 feet city approved chain link fence with 10 feet opening. The 10 feet opening is an entrance for fire trucks, in case of a fire.

We were instructed to show up to the Sheriff department at 3:00 am. We arrived at 2:30 am. At 3:00 am sharp, a sheriff deputy came out to greet us.

The Sheriff ordered a lockdown for the whole block of the property. The Sheriff stopped all people who tried to gain entry to the property in support of the occupant.

The Sheriff department had been doing surveillance on the house from a helicopter. They knew how many people and dogs were in the house, how many were sleeping or awake.

LACPP waited for the Sheriff’s signal.


At about 3:40 am, a fleet of armored vehicles left the Van Nuys Sheriff department. There were about one hundred Sheriffs in suburban tactical gear, several cars, buses, armored vehicles. They were securing the house and surrounding streets. Animal control was present to take care of the dogs in the property. The whole block was barricaded.

At about 4:05 am, LACPP crew was ordered to proceed to the property. Our crew of 18 included:

  • 2 junk haulers for the debris and makeshift fence
  • 6 professional movers
  • 4 fence installers
  • 2 truck drivers for U-Hauls to move personals properties
  • 1 professional lock smith to gain entry to the property
  • 1 video person and 1 photo camera person to document the process.
  • 1 person to help and facilitate the job
  • I was there to supervise the process and communicate with the asset company and attorneys.
Remove the pallet fence

The occupant created this 10 feet makeshift fence from pallets.

Clean up the outside
Clean up the inside

Los Angeles County Property Preservation removed the pallet fence, removed all personal properties and furniture and cleaned up. We installed a new fence. We installed the padlock on the new fence and finished the eviction at 10:00am.

After clean up

LACPP removed all personal properties and furniture. The property was empty and clean, ready for staging and sale.

The storage facility

Personal properties from the house were moved to this storage facility.