Father Recovers Son’s Cellphone at Garbage Dump

Lost Phone Found
Lost Phone Found

Poor boy in New Jersey had the shock of his life to find his phone after he had lost it in big piles of trash.

Ethan accidentally threw his cellular phone in the garbage at Haddon Township High School on Monday.

Ethan’s father that was many miles away in Philadelphia decided to track the lost phone.

The signal then led the family to the Covanta waste-to-energy facility in Camden.

(Many people nowadays use this method to find their lost phone.)

The poor father had to act fast before this poor boy lost his phone.

He suited up and started digging through the big pile of trash.

He recovered the phone in 30 minutes and it still worked.

Workers were close to dumping the trash into a 50-foot-high (15 meters) and 25-foot deep (7 meters) pile of garbage.

Ethan was very lucky to have found his phone intact.

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Our Beautiful city of Los Angeles Animal Shelters Are On Track To Become No Kill By Year’s End

Rescue the Puppies
Rescue the Puppies

We love the approach the city of Los Angeles is taking with the animals that are left abandoned. Its an approach that will take some time to make an effect on the number of saved animals. There will be increased funding to spay and neuter, and that that is a big part of it. But the bigger part is that Los Angeles city put a ban on puppy mills in that require all pet stores to use shelter animals. This will help the chances of puppies being sold instead of euthanize.

Similar concept goes to the items that are ‘one man’s junk another man’s treasure’. At Start Junk Hauling Businesses, we are able to donate salvageable items to charitable organizations that can use it for a good cause. There is an option to put the items for a good use instead of throwing away.

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Our Beautiful city of Los Angeles Animal Shelters Are On Track To Become No Kill By Year’s End- Start Junk Hauling Business.