Replacing All Of Your Windows and Doors

Replacing all of your windows and doors can tremendously change the entire house look. The need for a junk removal team in this occasion is well needed.

Many homeowners want that new look to their home, therefore, install new additions that enhance the look in their home. With new windows and doors coming in, there is going to be need for a way to dispose of all doors.

Choosing Junk Removal Team

If the homeowner is planning to do big modifications, they would need to remove more than just doors. The junk hauling team can remove all doors and windows that are not needed in the home. They are able to take closet doors, wide doors, windows, and many more unwanted items. They can move any construction debris that might be left after a big project.

Junk removal team can remove big items since they have the man power and machinery to remove debris. It is simple for the team to remove debris and dispose of it. If you already have the equipment to remove debris and is thinking about starting a junk removal business, you are in the right place. If you are interested in starting your own junk removal business, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Tornado Rips Through Part Of Elk City, In Serious Need For Help

As we know Oklahoma is one of the states that gets tornadoes like no other. This time the severe weather created large hail, high winds, and heavy rains that killed one man on Tuesday night. So many homes were left bare to its framing work. Nothing is left for some of the families in Elk that got struck by the tornadoes. The repairs on their homes must be either fixed to restore the area or completely finish demolishing the home.

Victims of the tornado are going to need people to help pick up all of the debris. The team can dispose all of the debris left behind to start the new home. The team of debris removal will have correct tools and machinery to remove any type of debris. It does not matter if it is small debris or large debris the team of junk hauling experts can get it done. There are some junk removal experts that have equipment to demolish small projects. This works well for the homeowners that have lost more than just partial home. Don’t feel bad, more than likely the victim of the tornado will have some type of homeowner insurance that will cover the costs of the damages. Call today to see how you can get started in your own junk removal business. Click here to contact us.

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Remodeling Companies Need Your Debris Removal Services

There are many homeowners that find themselves looking for a new look to their home. Homeowners either want to add a room to the home or demolish it completely.

Since the economy is booming right now, there is much more demand in the construction industry.

There are more homeowners that are looking to use their money to invest in their own home.  Adding the wood floors that homeowners have always wanted will take a construction company and junk removal crew to get it done.

Construction Companies work on room additions, kitchen remodeling, second floor additions, and many more.  It is then up to the junk hauling team to pick up all of the construction debris that gets left behind.  Their job is to pick up all of the dirt, concrete, asphalt, etc. and dispose of it. They are able to pick up all of the trash that is left behind from big or small construction projects. Junk removal teams can also provide with demolition services. To start off your own junk removal business contact us for more information.

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Spring Clean Your Home

Spring Clean Your Home

Don’t leave it till next year, when you can get rid of it today. It is that time of the year when you start making room in your home, garage, and office. It is time to get rid of all those old appliances that are in your garage. No more hoarding your old magazines, paint or clothes that you will never use again. Cleaning out the home can give it that extra space that you have always wanted. Get rid of that bulky television or entertainment center that is taking up space.

Get the right junk removal team to help you remove big items that you are not able to move yourself. It helps when they are able to help you get rid of biohazard disposals that you can’t easily just dispose of as junk. Hire a fully-equipped team of experts will help you with all of your junk removal needs. Recycle or donate items that you know will be good use for others. They are always taking donations in Salvation Army or Goodwill locations. One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure.  Restore your home back to the way it felt when you first bought it. No more someday, start making room today. For full article click here.

4 Common Yard Diseases To Watch For

Here are the 4 most known Diseases so watch out for

Brown Patch: If you live in a region with hot temperatures and high humidity, you may find your lawn infected with brown patch lawn disease. Brown Patch lawn disease is a common and widespread problem caused by Rhizoctonia solani fungus. The disease can infect a variety of common turf grasses but the most susceptible grass species include perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, and the bent grasses.

Large Patch: They are most common in the spring, when grass is growing. Large patch disease is caused by a soilborne fungus called Rhizoctonia solani. This fungus is very similar to the one that causes brown patch disease. Large patches of blighted turf that may exceed 20 feet in diameter. The disease occurs on both residential lawns and golf courses, or soil drainage is poor.

Pythium Blight: It is evident that during warm, humid weather and the grass leaves are wet for at least 12 hours. Initial symptoms appear as dark green to purple water-soaked leaves that aggregate into circular or irregularly shaped patches in turf grass swards. These patches can range in size from 1 to 20 cm (0.4 to > 8 in.) in diameter. Patches of infected grass can enlarge and coalesce, causing severe damage to lawns, golf courses and athletic field turf.

Pink Snow Mold: The “Cold attacking fungus”. This disease attacks plants and turfgrass when there is snow covering it. There are two different types of snow mold fungi that can infect grass and they can occur together on a plant. The symptoms for both diseases can look similar. There are no turfgrass species that are completely resistant to these snow mold fungi, but some turf species are less susceptible than others.

Removing lawn grass molds are a totally different story. You are going to need the right yard removal team that can get that removed. Rehab homes or REO properties (bank owned homes) are typically where you mind the most yard disease. The neglected yard will be the first vision potential buyers will see. It is best to completely remove the grass to have a new grass look and to avoid potential fungus.

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Homeowners Want To Say Bye To Their Pools

Your home might increase its value by simply removing your pool. This is ideal for those who will someday desire to move to a different home. If you decide to sell the home disclose the before and after to the coming owners the work that was put in, and modifications. The thought of having your swimming pool removed may increase the number of interested buyers should you opt to sell your home. There is a number of buyers that are aware the economic toll a pool can be. Buyers simply opt for a home that is pool-less, even if the cost will be higher. After all they will be saving money that was not spent on pool maintenance.

The benefit of pool demolition is that the pool might eventually require replacement or demolition. Essentially all swimming pools will reach to a certain point where they cannot perform as a working pool. Pools can reach the point where they will have issues popping up, such as tile cracking or water leakage. Demolishing the pool will liberate you from any problems that could have a raised.

Having a good clean up crew to pick up all of the construction debris left behind is a good thing to keep in mind. Debris haulers at times provide services such as demolition, and maybe you can work out an agreement to demolish and clean up.  Click here to see LATIMES article why many homeowners don’t want pools in their back yard.

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Construction Debris Removal

Yorba Linda Family Paid More Than $44,000 to Remodel Kitchen, Instead They Received A Demolished Kitchen

Don’t let this be you.

Devastated family in Yorba Linda paid all of their life savings to get their kitchen remodeled, but received a disaster instead.

The family did their research like every other homeowner does. They came across this small business with the name of ‘Time To Remodel’ on the internet. They reviewed it and made sure the contractor was fully licensed and bonded, but it seems like his workers were not. The family of 6 were left with a home with projects half done, and new repairs needed to be fixed on. After the family had experienced many malfunctions going on in the house as the workers started on the kitchen they stopped the project. Kitchen cabinets were not opening right and cardboard pieces were used to elevate breakers in the garage. The workers left Plywood on the kitchen top without adding the proper tile or marble top. It is an unsafe environment for the 4 kids living in this home.

The homeowners tried to come to an agreement with the contractor to get those repairs fixed and finish the job, but they were not able to resolve.

The contractors filed a ‘Mechanics Lien” on their house, in which the contractor is accusing the homeowners for abandoning the job and not pay the rest of the job. This can essentially hurt the entire family because it can result in foreclosure if not paid.

Right now the family has to allow for an inspector to check out the place before any work gets done. Sadly, the family has been living in an unsafe home for the past 3 months due to this project. All kinds of construction debris was left in the home. For this kind of project the family would need a reliable team to haul away the junk.

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Home improvement scams are the top leading scams according to the Don’t let this be you.

Hoarder House Full of Beer Cans Tops [Photos]

A three-bedroom home located in Sanger, Texas, is referred to as ‘beer can hoarding nightmare’, is listed for the reasonably low price of $89,800.  From the exterior the home just looks like a fixer upper, with an overgrown lawn and the desperate need of a paint job.  However, when looking inside the home there was a completely different story to tell, one that included a love for beer and recycling.

The Texas home was completely covered with empty cans of Natural Light beer. To top it off, there were monstrous cobwebs visible in each photo of the interior of the home.

With the median list price in Sanger, Texas being $232,000, the home is definitely a steal but would require a buyer who has a knack for flipping homes and the patience for a serious recycling haul.

This is a perfect job for a junk removal team. The clean -up crew has all the equipment and tools to remove the cans. Not to mention they have the men power to get through all of the rooms.  As for the cans, the junk removal team can dispose it by taking it to a recycling center. This can be traded for cash instead of clutter. This house made so much hype that real estate site had an interesting home to top their list of most-clicked homes this week.

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Hoarder Home

5 tips To Prevent Construction Equipment From Being Stolen

It is a problem when it comes to heavy construction equipment coming up missing. They are not only expensive, but with so much demand it is easy for a thief to get a chance to steal at the job-site. Despite that machines and equipment are so big, stealing them is not a problem to them. Since the business lack the anti-theft or theft protection measures that business owners need to take.

Here are a few tips to reduce the chances of theft and ways to recover stolen property.

Indicate the parts and label them

It is very important that you use an inscription to indicate every part of the equipment, and have a note of these parts. This will not only help you to keep a track of the different parts of the equipment, but also, in case there is a theft, it will make it easier for the investigators to have a note of the part that is missing. Even after finding it, identifying it becomes a lot easier.

Use apps to monitor all activities

In today’s technology you can use ant-theft apps that can be installed in your system. It is super easy to have control and monitor at all times.

Area surveillance

The most known thefts in construction sites have taken place due to the lack of surveillance the business has. It makes it easier for the thieves to steal when there is no surveillance or even when the lights are turned off.

Parking the heavy construction equipment

This is something that many business owners do not keep in mind. When you park your equipment, make sure you park it one after the other. Any possible thief that comes in the lot will find it hard to remove one of the vehicles or machines, without removing the other.

If you follow these easy tips for your junk removal business it will be super easy to keep track of all of your equipment. You will minimize the chances of theft. Anyone that comes in the lot will find themselves are really hard time to steal anything. Reduced theft can alleviate the business for any financial loss.

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