Pasadena Lawn Removal

Pasadena Lawn Removal

Removing your overgrown lawn in Pasadena CA.

Our team at Los Angeles Property Preservation can remove all of the dead lawn, or lawn that has been far too grown out.

There are far too many properties in Pasadena that need proper lawn removal, but there is never any time. It is too hard to keep the property kept up at times since the lawn size is too large. The lawn removal job requires tools, manpower, and lots of patience with dirt and grass. There is no denying it, lawn services are a bit rough on anyone. There are many individuals that have no patience for all of th

e mess lawns can build up. We want to assure you that our team at Los Angeles Property Preservation can remove all of your lawn and properly discard all of the unwanted yard debris. We don’t just remove lawns, but actually, wipe down all of the areas for any type of dead leaves or grass.

Our crew can remove the lawn that is in your residential home, commercial property, and industrial properties. We understand that many people don’t want to take the lawn removal job because it requires time and effort to remove it all with ease.

For more information on the grass removal in your Pasadena residence please click here.

Covina Fence Up

Covina Fence Up

Los Angeles Property Preservation crew in Los Angeles will take care of your fence up projects. We take care of commercial properties, industrial properties, and residential properties. Our team is able to bring your property security. We understand they are many people that like breaking into homes, we understand there are tenants that don’t want to give up, and we understand the level of liability these properties have. The last thing any broker or homeowner wants is someone coming into the property and seriously doing great damage.

We clean up the entire property inside and out. We remove the trash from the foreclosed property or the abandoned home. No more trash or uninvited guests in your property. We make sure to fully clean and secure the entire Covina property. Our projects can involve a small fence up or a large fence up project.

We have encountered many homes that have been completely trashed. We have encountered many properties that have been occupied by dozens of squatters. We have encountered properties that have been set on fire, and let me tell you those are the saddest to fence up. Abandoned homes or foreclosed properties are by far the most neglected properties around. For more information on getting your property properly fenced up, please click here.

Canoga Park Trashout

Canoga Park Trashout

We remove trash from the industrial, residential, or commercial properties in Canoga Park. Trash out involves old washers, old dryers, old mattresses, and many more. Trash out can also be construction debris left over from construction projects. It can be yard debris that has been left over and scattered all over the back yard.


We cut grass and tree trimming in all Canoga Park and neighboring cities.  Trash outs are not only furniture and unwanted junk that is laying around the property. We clean out pools when other pool companies don’t want to clean up. We have the right tools to scoop out any type of pool trash or debris.

How big are the trash outs?

Trash out can be a complete property that is fully loaded with furniture and trash. No more holding someone else’s trash, allow our team of junk removal team remove all of the trash in Canoga Park. We can load up a truckload of items and haul them to the nearest dump site. We have the proper man force to remove any type of trash out of your property.

For Trash Removal Canoga Park please click here. 

Compton Board Up

Compton Board Up

Tired of intruders breaking into your home?

We board up properties that need to be secured from intruders breaking in.

Board up your home so there are no more intruders. Abandoned homes need to be secured from any intruders such as transients, old tenants, or plain squatters. We want to make sure there are no more break-ins in the home. Our team has the right plywood and equipment to maintain the doors and windows shut. No more broken windows, no more broken doors, or door screens.  We want to secure all of the windows, including high windows in the property. We have been able to board up both residential and commercial properties. Board up is one of the many securing services we provide in Los Angeles Property Preservation. Our team is able to secure your property by boarding, fencing, and making sure tenants don’t break in.

For more information on boarding or fencing up your property please click here.


Trash outs in Westwood

Los Angeles Property Preservation has been in the trash out business for over 2 decades. They have been around to clean out trashed homes in all Los Angeles and neighboring cities of Los Angeles. They have been able to work on trash outs such as bank owned homes, abandoned homes, foreclosed homes, and hoarder homes. These type of projects require lots of manpower and equipment that is needed to completely clean out the property. Westwood has residential homes but it also has commercial properties that are in serious need of a good clean out job. Los Angeles Property Preservation has been able to help out many clients with their trash out needs. For more information on getting the Westwood property trash out please click here.


Our team at Los Angeles Property Preservation repairs pools in Tarzana.

We have been in the Real Estate business for over 30 years, so we understand how escrows work. We know that if the pool is not filled up with water the escrow will not close. Part of the lender requirements is to have water inside the pool. This property we recently worked in Tarzana had a real issue with the pool. The pool needed serious repair work to get it back running. No pool company wanted to touch the pool. No pool repair company wanted to patch up the pool, because in their minds they didn’t want to deal with it. Not our team. Our team was able to patch the pool with fast-drying cement that covered up any type of cracks.

The appraiser was able to inspect the home and was able to verify that the pool was filled up with water. The escrow was able to be closed out and the house was able to be sold. This situation created a WIN-WIN for both the lender and our team of experts. For more information on getting your pool repaired in Tarzana please click here.

Canoga Park repair services

Canoga Park Repair Services

Have a foreclosed home that needs repairs?

Foreclosed homes are one of the most neglected homes out there. Previous tenants might have not kept up with the house repairs, and the house might have been left messed up. Homes in Canoga Park are supposed to be up to par with the home inspections, therefore, it is best to get it taken care of. The last thing you want is to find out there was mold growing due to a faulty leak.

Canoga Park Repair Services include the following:

Plumbing in Canoga Park- If there is a leak, we have a problem. Leaks can turn into mold, and if not properly taken care of the damages can be extensive. Dont allow that leaky pipe create mold, and start repairing your pipes today.

Window Repair In Canoga Park-Do you have broken windows in your property? Don’t avoid them anymore, allow our team to repair any broken glass or locks that may have been tampered with.

Canoga Park Door Repair- Doors are the security of the home, without your doors, anyone can just come in the house. Our team is properly equipped with the right tools to switch out a door or fix any locks that need to be fixed.

Interior and Exterior Painting in Canoga Park-Apply a fresh coat of paint that will make your house stand out from the rest. Keep the interior looking sharp with a fresh coat of paint.

Floor Repair in Canoga Park- Repair any damages that may have been done to the floor. Our team is able to repair any damages that could have potentially messed up our sale.

Carpet Installment Canoga Park- Get rid of the old shaggy carpet previous tenants used to have and install a brand new one. Our team has had over 2 decades of experience when it comes to installing carpet.

We have been in business for over a decade and we know how foreclosed homes can get. There are far too many foreclosed homes that need a  good fix up. Do you think your home needs pool repairs? We can help repair your pool too. We have the right tools and equipment to fully clean out the pool and repair that is needed.

For more information on Canoga park repair services please click here.


Canoga Park REO services

Canoga Park REO Services

Canoga Park has many foreclosed homes that need urgent REO services. There are far too many homes that are out of the housing market due to minor repairs, trash in the home, and fully furnished homes. There are far too many foreclosed homes with dirty pools and yards that have not had maintenance in years.

We understand how frustrating it can get for brokers in Canoga Park to see the home in bad conditions. Our team is able to remove all of your unwanted junk out of the foreclosed home in Canoga property. We also do yard maintenance and pool clean up. We understand that yard work and pool clean up is not for everybody, therefore we are here to help. We have the right tools to remove any type of yard debris you may have. We can remove branches and leaves off the yard. Our team can also trim up the grass in your front and backyard. If you are looking for a team to clean up your dirty pool, we are your go-to team. We have the proper chemicals to remove any and all of the gunk in the pool.

We also have the right tools and equipment to repair your home if there is a need.

Does your Canoga Park home need roof repairs?

Does your Canoga Park home need plumbing?

Does your Canoga Park home need carpet removal?

Does your Canoga Park home need interior and exterior paint?

Does your Canoga Park home need window repairs and door repairs?

Our team can work on all of your general repairs, even if it is just a minor repair. We have the right tools and equipment to fix any repairs you may need work on. Don’t hesitate and give us a call for our low prices. There is nothing better than providing affordable service that is urgently needed.

For your Canoga Park REO Services please call us today.

Canoga Park securing services

Canoga Park Securing Services

Tired of old tenants breaking into the foreclosed home?

Don’t allow a house to get run over by old tenants that just won’t leave the property. We make sure that all of the squatters get removed from the property completely. We typically don’t get involved with tenants, but we sure do involve law enforcement to properly remove the tenants. We have encountered many evictions where there are 20 people deep in the house. That is not including all of the pets they had and all the junk they had laid out in the back.

We make sure we properly secure your property by boarding it up or fencing it up.

Board Up Canoga Park

Sometimes just fencing up the place doesn’t help to keep squatters away. They might just hop over the fence and break in through a window. Broken windows are the easiest trick in the book when it comes to breaking in. Let’s not give them the chance to break in and start boarding up those windows. We board up the windows with the right plywood and tools to keep it up.

Fence Up Canoga Park

We are able to fence up the foreclosed homes in Canoga Park with no hesitation. There are too many people that trespass and stay in the area, which diminishes the value of the property and the properties around. Don’t allow the property to get worse by the day and start fencing up the property today. For your free consultation on securing your foreclosed homes please click here for full details.