Removing Unsafe Decks

Lots of builders simply order a 40-yard trash bin, park it out front, and let the trash hauler worry about the debris once it has been filled up. But in our area, it’s often difficult to place a large trash bin so that it’s near the site of the actual demolition. Rental costs continue to rise, too, and additional permitting requirements and client and neighbor concerns have caused us to rethink that strategy. Now, we haul all of our own debris off-site to a trash container that is properly brought in and wheeled out. There is no need for you to stress anymore about getting rid of debris.

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Demolition of Wood Deck

To Remove and Demolish Your Wood Deck…

We try to remove as much of the deck as we can and reduce the deck’s weight as quickly as possible while retaining accessibility and support for the structure we are working on and around. Generally, this means removing the railings first and cutting them into large sections (we usually cut rails at the post) that will stack well. Then we strip up the decking a piece at a time, leaving the steps and framing for last.

We remove the floor joists one at a time, often retaining a few temporarily to keep a beam in place. If a beam is too large to remove all at once, we cut it into smaller sections. We leave stairs up until we no longer need them, occasionally adding temporary supports to hold up posts while we remove beams and stair stringers.

Getting Rid of a Deck

Your tired, old deck is beginning to sag, splinter — or worse. Removal might seem intimidating because the deck was built onto your home with what appears to be large beams and concrete feet. But at some point, you know it has to go. If your deck has seen better days, put it out of its misery. Tackle this problem methodically and cut it down to size without doing too much damage and give us a call.

Our team has all of the right tools to remove your deck today. We have helped out many residents remove and demolish the deck entirely. Having the hassle to repair or remove old deck can be a real hassle for many.

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Removing a Wood Deck Los Angeles

Through the years Los Angeles Property Preservation has dismantled, demolished and disposed of hundreds of backyard gazebos of all shapes and sizes. Depending on the weight, height, and construction of a gazebo they can be difficult and dangerous to tear down. Proper tools and safety equipment are a must. Los Angeles Property Preservation has the expertise and experience to safely dismantle any and all types of gazebos. 


Is it time for your deck to be demolished and removed? We know what exactly you need.
Your deck may have once served a purpose, but if it’s time to get a new one installed, you need to first consider the existing deck demolition and removal. However, demolishing a deck involves a lot of hard work and it is better left for the professionals to take care of it.

It’s always a better idea to get rid of an old and decaying structure to free up that space for something more contemporary. However, a lot of work needs to be done before you start planning how to utilize the space.  Los Angeles Property Preservation is considered the best among the deck demolishing services in Los Angeles, that can help you with the disposal of your old deck efficiently and affordable.

Removing a Deck

Deciding whether to remove the deck or repair it

Do-it-yourself repair and removal require the right deck materials. This is more than just having a hammer and a saw handy; make sure you’ve got the lumber, stain, fasteners, and cleaning tools available as well, or you may find the job is a lot harder.

Whether you’re working on a residential or commercial renovation, make sure you have the right tools. Los Angeles Property Preservation is your team for deck removal service is an excellent purchase for any deck owner. Our team can help remove your deck board removal faster, safer, and easier, whether you’re getting up one or two boards that need replacing or ripping up an entire deck in minutes, make sure you’ve got our information handy. 

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Best Way To Remove Deck Boards

We would like to remove the deck that has been causing so much nuisance. After the years it becomes evident that many don’t use the deck after a while. Old decks become unsafe and no longer use to homeowners at times. It is best to get the deck removed once and for all. At times it becomes hard to remove the deck safely and take care of excess debris. It is not easy to just dump construction debris just anywhere. It is tough to get rid of lots of debris all at once, it is also tough to break down a deck on your own. It is best to keep the house debris and wood free by hiring our staff of Deck Removal Experts. We can properly take down the deck the best way and remove the debris the best way as well.

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How To Deconstruct A Deck

First off, ask yourself how extensive your work is going to be. If you’re generally happy with the deck and it looks like only a few boards need replacing, a deck removal might not be the answer. A full deck construction project will require significant planning such as coming up with deck ideas, selecting deck materials, developing a project timeline that considers the deck removal.

Something else to consider is the effect your deck will have on the value of your home. A quick deck repair to an old, rotting deck could be a liability if you’re trying to sell, while a full deck construction project can significantly improve the crucial curb-appeal of your home. Like any home renovation job, you can get seriously injured if you don’t plan ahead. Even a shortfall can be seriously painful if you land the wrong way, and that’s not even getting into the rusty fasteners, mold spores, and other potential work hazards you may run into. Have safety equipment handy, and think before you pull.

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Wood Deck Removal Los Angeles

Its time to make changes around the house

As the housing market struggles, many homeowners are electing to put off the buying and selling process until the market improves. Money that was set aside for down payments is now being used to improve the current residence. One of the most popular home improvement projects is renovating or replacing an existing deck. 

Depending on the original deck design, your first step is usually going to be the demolition process.  For a ground-level deck, this process is as simple as ripping lumber while standing on firm ground and cutting the deck sections into pieces small enough to safely carry away. On elevated decks, do not exceed the level of your expertise; deck lumber is heavy and unforgiving and once the supports are cut away bad things can happen, quickly. 

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Elevated Deck Removal

Repair or Replace: Is It Time for a New Deck?

If your decking has cracks, looks dirty, or suffers from mildew, it’s time to decide whether to refinish or replace it entirely.

Signs of an unsafe deck may not be obvious so safety checks are critical when deciding to repair or replace. Also, if your deck was built before 2004, it’s probably made of lumber treated with chromated copper arsenate. Regular refinishing helps to seal in the toxic arsenic that CCA decking contains. But if the finish is flaking or worn off in spots, we suggest hiring a pro who’s equipped to safely remove the old finish, dust, and debris and then refinish it.